Amana PTAC Digismart Air Conditioner AC Heat Pump 14K BTU 230V R410A PTH093G35AXXX


Amana Digismart Ptac Air Conditioning with Heat Pump

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Equipped with tangential indoor fan for ultra quiet operation and DigiSmart PTAC antenna, combined with the self-installable, wireless Thermostat and Occupancy Sensor give the property owner complete control over the equipment settings and can reduce PTAC energy usage by 35% or more. This through-wall air conditioning unit is ideal for a wide range of applications, ideal for hotels, motels, office buildings, schools and apartments.

Important! This AC unit fits most standard 42″W x 16″ H wall sleeves, however if you are doing a new installation or need one that fits this specific unit we offer a compatible Amana sleeve and rear grill here.


  • Slim unit front design, 7 Unit Front Depth enhancing valuable room space
  • Zero Floor Clearance: The unit can be installed flush to a finished floor, if desired.
  • Easy to clean condenser coil with removable shroud
  • Easy to maintain, washable pull-out filters
  • Room Freeze Protection: When the unit senses temperatures of 40В°F or below, the unit activates the fan motor and either the electric resistance heater or the hydroponic heater.
  • This unit fits industry standard 42″W x 16″ H sleeve (sold separately)


  • Voltage 230/208
  • Cooling capacity (BTU/Hr): 9000
  • Heating capacity (BTU/Hr): 8,300
  • EER: 9.9/9.9
  • Cop: 3.0/3.0
  • Amps (Cooling/Heating): 6.8/6.8
  • Moisture removal (Pt/Hr): 4.4
  • CFM (high/low): 340
  • R410A refrigerant
  • 3.5KW electric heat

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Weight 138 oz
PTAC with Sleeve, Grill, and Drain Pan

PTAC with Sleeve, Grill, and Drain Pan

PTAC Unit Only

PTAC Unit Only