$9,759.00 USD
Pay Over Time

Currently Goodman’s flagship systems, these are extremely efficient and provide the highest level of comfort for your home.

This system is great for people anywhere in the nation who need cooling all day during the warm months and want to prioritize overall indoor comfort and long-term costs of ownership over up-front costs. At 18 SEER these systems can be used nationwide and will cool your home using inverter technology and heat your home using natural gas (convertible to propane with additional kit).

These are luxury grade systems and are designed to prioritize comfort over up-front costs.

The outdoor unit (condenser) is an inverter-based unit. This means that the unit will run at a wide range of capacities. Whether your home needs full capacity, or just a little cooling, this unit will adapt to your needs and provide continuous cooling day and night to ensure maximum comfort.

These furnaces feature variable speed blowers and either 2-stage or modulating burners. These features result in longer cycles at no additional cost. This means higher indoor air quality due to more air passing through your filter and more even heating and cooling, for fewer “hot” or “cold” spots within your home.

This AC and furnace system begins with the Goodman GVXC200481 which is a 20 SEER Inverter Air Conditioner, and is paired with your choice of the following selectable Goodman Furnaces (prices vary): GMVC801005CX, GMVC800805DN, GMVC961005CN, GMVC961205DN, GMVM970804CN, GMVM971005CN, GMVM971205DN