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Nantucket Sinks 33-Inch double bowl farmhouse fireclay sink with concrete finish. Part of our Vineyard Collection, this matte glaze varies in depth and lightness, the finish give a modern industrial spin on a traditional farmsink design. Set off your decor with its creative design for an unforgettably stylish kitchen! Enjoy the advantages of a dual function, double bowl sink with a 50/50 ratio. There are many benefits to fireclay. Its glazed surface inhibits bacterial growth more than stainless steel. It is eco-friendly requiring less cleansers. Made and hand finished in Italy, each sink is unique. Due to the firing process, dimensions are nominal and may vary to actual up to .5". Custom cabinet or apron cabinet required. * A note about fireclay: small cracks will appear on the unglazed underside of the sink, these are cosmetic only and have no impact on the performance of the sink.