$2,534.00 USD
Pay Over Time

This system is perfect for people nationwide who don't need much if any heating in their new system. At 14 SEER these systems can be used nationwide and will cool your home efficiently. However, these systems are not recommended in extreme heat climates as 16 or higher SEER units will over time offset the cost difference in savings.

Please note that while you can pair this system with a heat kit, heat kits are not designed for long-term heating. Heat kits would only be designed for emergency situations where your primary heat source fails or for just a few days a year.

This AC only system begins with the Goodman GSX140361 which is a 14 SEER Air Conditioner, and is paired with your choice of the following selectable Goodman Air Handlers (prices vary): ARUF37C14, ASPT35B14, AVPTC37C14