$5,659.00 USD

This system is perfect for people nationwide who don't need much heating in addition to cooling. At 16 SEER these systems can be used nationwide and will both heat and cool your home year-round.

This is a two-stage heat pump, meaning that it can run at 100% when needed, but will normally default to 70% capacity. This results in more even heating and cooling and greater comfort.

If being used in areas where temperatures dip below freezing, be sure to pair this unit with an appropriately sized heat kit. Heat kits are used to melt the frozen condensate which will accumulate on the outdoor unit when temperatures dip below freezing. Without a heat kit, your unit will have to draw heat from inside your home to defrost the outdoor unit, which is never fun when it is already cold outside.

This heat pump system begins with the Goodman GSZC160481 which is a 16 SEER Two Stage Heat Pump, and is paired with the Goodman AVPTC59D14, a Variable speed Multi-Position Air Handler.