$4,844.00 USD

This system is perfect for people nationwide who don't need much if any heating in their new system. At 18 SEER these systems can be used nationwide and will cool your home efficiently.

This is a two-stage air conditioner, meaning that it can run at 100% when needed, but will normally default to 70% capacity. This results in more even cooling and greater comfort.

Please note that while you can pair this system with a heat kit, heat kits are not designed for long-term heating. Heat kits would only be designed for emergency situations where your primary heat source fails or for just a few days a year.

This AC only system begins with the Goodman GSXC180361 which is a 18 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner, and is paired with the Goodman AVPTC59C14, a Variable speed Multi-Position Air Handler.