$4,318.00 USD
Pay Over Time

Heat pumps use the same equipment and technology to heat your home as they do to cool your home. This means a lower up-front cost than a dual fuel system and no need for a natural gas or propane gas hookup. These units are perfect for people living in areas where they regularly need both heating and cooling, want to prioritize total cost of ownership, and can't or won't deal with natural gas or propane gas hookups. The Goodman GPC14M series of all-in-one AC-only packaged units sit entirely outdoors and connect to your existing ductwork using a horizontal or downflow discharge. At 14 SEER these units are great for people who are more concerned with up-front costs than long-term total cost of ownership or who don't need a lot of cooling year-round. All of these Goodman units come fully charged and tested, making for quick and easy installation by a professional.

These units can have field-installed heat kits added to provide heating. However, these are not designed for long-term regular use but instead for occasional or emergency use.